The Benefits of an eLearning Program

Times have changed and so has today’s health care Information Systems. Over the past  two decades, our industry has evolved into a comprehensive, yet complex,  web of information. IT professionals not only need to build, integrate, and secure these systems, they also need to ensure that clinicians are fully prepared to use them. An organization with comprehensive Information Systems and a solid training program is an organization that is positioned to succeed. While there are many methods of training, eLearning should be an integral part of any training program.
Providing your users with eLearning material that is tailored to your organization,  your specifications, your procedures, and your workflow is the best way to educate your user community. The use of customized eLearning material avoids the confusion that is often found when users are trained with generic tools since users are far more likely to quickly grasp the concepts when seeing familiar information during training. Generic training materials, by nature, do not cover the details and nuances of your implementation.
Developing customized eLearning material enables you to:

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Provide your clinical staff with a self-paced on-line system orientation in advance of classroom training
Reduce expensive classroom training time by covering the basics through eLearning
Ensure consistency in message to the trainee when using eLearning material in the classroom
Provide system orientation to new users at any time
Provide an opportunity for a “refresher” before or after Go-Live, whenever needed
Provide your physicians and affiliates with the ability to learn about your systems on their time, at their facility, on their devices (iPads)
Whether you’re a small community hospital or a large regional health care system, chances are you have an affiliate program and the users at these facilities also need to be trained on how to use your systems. Often times physicians wish to train on their own time, at their own location, and on their own device. No problem! Your eLearning content can be made available to anyone regardless of their physical location and your courses can be viewed on any device including iPads.
If you’re implementing an entirely new Hospital Information System, doing an upgrade, or just retooling your existing solution, you will further empower your clinicians through education, and customized eLearning material can play a key rule in your training program.
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